Customer Service Pet Peeves.

I have worked in a fast food restaurant for about seven months. That might not seem like a very long time to a lo of people but I’ve learned so so much about how people treat others on a daily basis in the smallest of exchanges. As a rough estimate I would say about seventy percent of people are sound, and by sound I don’t mean thanking me as if I were a holy angel I just mean saying hi, saying thanks, and taking their food. So i’m just going to make a list of stuff that I really hate while working, you  might even do some of these things without noticing and hopefully you might understand!


1: Not saying hi.

It seems like normal etiquette to greet someone before you speak to them but some people like to order like its an attack. Gimme this gimme that.

2: Holding money in my face.

Rood. If you order a meal there are a few questions I have to ask you like what drink you want etc. there are also a few questions I have to ask you or my boss will light my hair on fire, it all takes like two minutes max, and holding your money an inch away from my face will not speed it up. There’s no need to make me feel like I’m wasting your time when you’re the one who chose to come in here to eat.

3:Complaining about things I can’t control.

This one is a classic. I literally only take orders and put the food on the tray, that’s my personal little ant job. I can’t control anyyything else. One hundred percent if there is a problem I will tell the person in charge, if its even an actual problem cuz honestly no one cares if you had to wait four minutes for your burger to cook, no one in the whole world cares.

4: People getting offended when you can’t remember their order.

I served twenty people after you sorry that I can’t remember what flavour ice cream you ordered for the end of your meal. I don’t know your life.

5:Money on the counter.

My till screen is quite high and I’m quite short so I cant see most of the counter in front of me which is raised. I’ll tell people the total and they will throw their money onto the counter so i have to tippytoe lean around my till. I get coins because maybe you don’t want to touch my hand? But notes are fine just hand them to me xxx

6: Bra money.


7:Asking me to read the whole menu when you have fine eyes that the lord gave you.

“How much is that one, oh yeah cool and how much is that?”

It says it right there in huge letters and also you’re that one lady who comes here twice a week and orders that meal every time, what are you doing??? Sometimes people forget their glasses or the menu confuses them but this seriously happens where regulars will come in and ask me how much the meal they always get is or whats in it. I will never ever understand this.


Love, sweetheart, “good girl”, BABE, chicken. Can I just say I’m tiny in my uniform and I look sixteen and these names are always used by 35+ year old men. It’s annoying anyway but please don’t go off into the world calling actual 16 year old girls these things.


So those are just some of the things that annoyed me about customers! Basically these are mostly just small things people don’t think about or don’t think are that bad, but when its happening all day it really does wear on you, small things affect people both good and bad!

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If you work in customer service let me know I love bitching about it!


Elecric Picnic: How to succeed

2015’s Electric Picnic was, hands down, one of the best experiences of my life so far. Making it so had a lot to do with the pre planning that went into the weekend, which in my opinion we ( me and my EP wife) couldn’t have done much better with. This post is basically the lists I made, the things I bought for it and the few things I will be doing differently this year.




We made loads of lists right from about the month of may onwards, and we started getting an idea of what we would need to buy and when. This sounds really organised and over the top but three days is

a long time to just be winging it. The main item on our list was mostly food because without it we would have had a shit time. The second most important thing was then drink which I am gonna have a whole paragraph about. Then the rest of the essentials. One thing I wish with all my heart I had brought last year is a portable phone charger because both of our phones died on the last day so this year I’m bringing three.



Know what you want to see and what times those people are on because you will guaranteed forget. I just googled it before I went and wrote down everyone important because I was not paying 15 quid for the leaflet thing?

We weren’t super consumed by this as much as I thought we would be, you’re much better off floating around the place rather than running trying to cram everyone in. This years line up is a whole load of balls in my honest opinion, 2012 wants you back Lana and I didn’t pay 200 quid to see Wonderwall live. If you’re looking for me there I wont be at main stage anyway.


I am a chronic vomitter when it comes to drinking normally (because I’m really stupid) so for picnic I was terrified I would bring too much drink, because I would one hundred percent drink it all. However I also planned this perfectlyisshhhh as well. For the first two days I had about 10 cans which did me grand spread out like that. The last day however we had run out of cans so we went down to Supervalue to get some sexy Devils Bit. We got eight cans between the two of us which we finished, I woke up still very drunk the morning going home but still no sick.

Basically you know yourself how much you can drink, it’s three days of drinking so bear in mind you don’t want to be dying on the second day. Drinking in open air also feels very different to drinking in a smoking area all night. Sorry i don’t have any advice on the drug end BUT watch out for undercover guards because we got quizzed by one dressed as a charity rep.



Alllll the beauty gurus put up makeup looks and hairstyles around festival time and you’d swear they had never slept in a tent with three other people without washing your hair for three days before. Maybe on the first day you could get away with mad looks but think about trying to dry shampoo glitter off your scalp the next day. The same with makeup, its very hard to do a rainbow smokey eye while balancing a hand mirror on your knee.

 I just did my normal makeup and tried to hide the grease in my hair as best I could. Some people are super talented though and looked amazing all weekend but I have literally no advice here. Clothes wise though, has a really nice selection and have a sale every week, just make sure you have stuff for all the weathers because it was warm,  cold, rainy and sunny last year all at the same time.

All in all I’d say I didn’t spend over €40 on picnic and in general never went (too)hungry or sober so huge successes all round. Just make lists and remember to bring them with you, 100% bring a portable phone charger and also bring handsanitiser, the portaloos are manky.